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A collaborative programme to improve and shape the HR propositions, policies and practices through the creative engagement of key stakeholders and staff

The fundamental aspect of this was ensuring that, as a growing local council in a state of real transition, all their HR policies, practices and processes, across their entire organisation were fit for purpose and could meet the challenges of the future.  However, there were many different staff groups, with many different expectations; their inclusion in this process was a must for success.

The Challenge

Impact Innovation was approached by the HR Leadership Team to help them engage a diverse cross section of their workforce.  This involved hosting a series of creative thinking and idea generation workshops to inject new thinking into the HR processes which effected them the most. The challenge was twofold; firstly, getting people engaged to collectively identify the changes that needed to happen, and then secondly, to generate a set of creative ideas that can both shape the future and support change happening.

The programme

Two mass (200 people each time) high energy, creativity workshops were designed and facilitated for staff members at all levels; from managers to frontline refuse and street staff.  The workshops were split into ‘zones’ for each of the HR challenge areas (managing the employee relationship, attendance management, performance management, HR Policies, recruitment, redeployment and retention).  Each zone then utilised a range of creativity techniques and stimulus from other worlds to help participants to creatively explore, identify and build a range of ideas and solutions to address the identified business challenges and issues.

597 individual thoughts and ideas were captured, considered, refined and built into 49 high level HR service propositions

Feedback confirmed delegates had been inspired and motivated by the opportunity to contribute to the development of HR Services.

“Impact Innovation designed and supported us through an engagement process that allowed our stakeholders to have a real influence on changes within the HR environment.


The design and delivery was both engaging and creative and most of all our stakeholders produced real tangible outcomes whilst having an enjoyable experience.  Impact Innovation’s partnership with us on this work has really taken us forward on our change journey.”

Ben Browne,

Human Resources Director

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