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One Team Programme - designed to improve the experience for the 6,000 staff at St George’s NHS Foundation Trust through the development of a ‘culture of service’

The business context in a snapshot:  It is accepted practice that if you want to improve the customer experience, you also need to improve the staff experience.  However, what if you did this by strengthening relationships and creating a culture of service between staff members?  And how do you do that for those parts of the organisation who are not as vocal, or perceived as not as integral, in the customer experience as others? And yet they are the ones that customers trust to tell them what it’s really like…and if they weren’t there, the whole place would quickly grind to a halt.

The Challenge

To create a culture of both excellent patient service and excellent colleague to colleague service…  would engage the workforce and patients in shaping the service they wanted to deliver and receive.  And importantly, help address the big issues in the Trust between staff members that get in the way of delivering a fantastic experience for patients (e.g. bullying).

The programme

Impact Innovation worked with St. George’s to conceive, develop and implement the One Team programme. An innovative programme with senior leaders, managers, union representatives and front line staff collaborating - through a series of creative activities to develop a culture of both excellent colleague- to-colleague service and excellent staff-to-patient service, by building esteem and capability within the workforce across Bands 1, 2, 3 and 4.


The programme was designed for staff at all levels and from all roles - Estates and Facilities, Outpatients, Theatres, Managers to frontline staff.   Another important element of the programme was that it was not standalone, but established a new way of working which generated real positive change with trusted ways of approaching change for future programmes to follow – becoming a part of the DNA of the Trust.

Increased levels of staff engagement in providing a better service to patients and each other

Upskilled 30 Service Educators to deliver ‘One Team’ training and embed across the

whole Trust

The development and implementation of a core set of service behaviours

Reduced complaints relating to staff focus and attitude

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