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Are you ready? Well, here we go. It’s hard to bottle our approach, but in simple terms, we do loads of tricky but cool stuff whilst bravely endeavouring to make a positive difference one person at a time. Broadly, our work is focused around three complementary areas, and because we have an unwritten philosophy of actually wanting ourselves and our client partners to enjoy every minute we generally build long-term relationships which span all three of these areas.




Building a customer experience strategy that puts customers into the mindset and decision making process of  your organisation




Unlocking the potential of

your customer experience 

through targeted innovation

and engagement




Equipping your organisation to deliver the new experience,

every day, with actions that translate into outcomes

Universal Products

To support the delivery of our programmes we have a number of core products that can be used as standalone tools or configured to customer/client/programme needs as required.

Here are a few examples:

Pulse Dynamics

Real-Time Tracker


Our app and web tool providing a 24/7 focused feedback route for customers and team members, enabling real-time experience-based insight gathering and lead/proactive measurement

Experience Arc

and CX Diagnostic Tool


Our comprehensive approach and toolkit for understanding current customer experiences and developing awesome future experiences, this includes our transferable customer journey mapping and design/redesign methodology

Assisted Digital Development Packages


Our flipped classroom digital development programmes and tools. We are continually developing these – currently they include, The Compassion Cycle for the health sector, and The Confidence Cycle for other service providers

Our Assisted Digital Learning package for healthcare professionals


With our Compassion Cycle methodology at its heart, this learning programme efficiently teaches our clients, in an engaging environment, to make the most of every opportunity to show compassion to all patients in every interaction. This is known to make the experience positive and productive for both our clients and patients.

Our learning package includes both face-to-face consultations with our customer experience experts and a CPD certified e-learning programme.

We have already seen great results with frontline staff who have been through the programme.

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