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Building a consistent service foundation that can firmly anchor and support the rapid growth of Parkland Industries, one of North America’s fastest growing independent petrol forecourt retailers and commercial fuels provider

Based in Canada, Parkland Industries’ brand is based on local connections, local service wrapped around a set of recognisable and distinct brands.  As the business grows and acquires new companies into the business, it is imperative that this service culture is retained and also transferred across the organisation.  It is also critical that, as the business is continually restructured to maximise the potential of newly acquired business, service stays front and centre at all times.

The Challenge

Parkland’s business stretches across 6,000 miles, from the Atlantic to the Pacific, with multiple delivery locations across the whole of Canada.  The growth plan dictates that, to increase the coverage across the country, acquisitions are critical to future success.  However, the challenge with acquisitions is the stretch and potential dilution of core principles and practices that the business has become synonymous for, customer service being one of them. Therefore it is important that, as the business grows, customer service retains a level of consistency no matter where it is delivered.  It is also important that the service chain stays firmly in place and the centre of the organisation demonstrates the same consistent level of service internally to all parts of the business out in the field.

The Programme

Parkland asked Impact Innovation to help them:

  • Inspire leaders across the business to become leaders for service and ensure service is front and centre of their decision making and activities

  • Capture the essence of their service culture and then translate that into a new bespoke philosophy, which all future developments could be founded upon

  • To build a simple customer service training programme that could be delivered through a set of regional champions, in short and concise activities

  • Work with the retail division and central teams to embed this new philosophy, with careful measurement through Net Promotor Scores


This approach included working in defined, focused interventions on the ground, coupled with remote working through video conference calls and collaboration based tools, to ensure the programme maintained the momentum it needed at all times.

The successful development of a bespoke service philosophy, embedded in key parts of the business

The successful retention of key NPS levels during rapid business expansion

An increase of internal service measurement by central teams such as HR, through existing staff surveys

The support of a growth plan, winning investment and trebling the size of the business, over 5 years

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