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Innovation is never complete until the new ‘experience’ is fully activated for customers and team members. This is more than just the process of implementation, it’s about being confident, equipped and ready to deliver the new experience, time and time again.  At Impact Innovation, this is achieved through building a positive transfer climate, scaling up the new experience and putting in place the structures and new ways of working and being around it.

What we create with you


Impact essentials

The foundation stones of every strategy:


Model of Implementation

- the pathway to successful implementation – key stages, core activities, support structures, milestones, measures etc.

Stakeholder and message maps - a comprehensive picture of key stakeholders and their motivational state and trajectory, including tailored messages and communication methods

Customer and colleague communication and engagement plan

mapping out the comms and engagement approach required to fully support implementation and beyond

Launch plan

- the model for a successful launch that gets everybody excited and engaged in the new experience

Implementation of resource readiness

- the development model for the resources required to support the implementation

Impact Edge​

Our unique cutting edge​ concepts tailored to you:


Positive Transfer Climate 

- defining the positive transfer climate required to activate, nurture and support the implementation and full rollout, this includes ideas that are culturally symbolic of the why

People activation

- taking the communication and launch plan on one step to ensure all the leaders and staff are not just aware, but trained, capable and ready to support the new experience, in a controlled and phased way

Operating Model Scale-up

- integrating the new experience into the standard operating model, taking a phased approach which incrementally builds confidence for everyone across the organisation


Designed for Sustainability

- the application of the new experience into  business-as-usual systems, structures and processes

How we do it


Impact Workbook


Implementation readiness - working with you to define the model of implementation, engaging with stakeholders, developing training and communication, putting in place the resources to support the implementation, generating awareness…getting ready to flick the switch


Phased launch – setting up and delivering inspiring launch activities, and initiating the people readiness and development journey


The 100 days - building up momentum in the development of team members whilst putting in place the experience as their capability grows. This may also include ‘taking out the old way’

Spread and adoption - moving beyond the 100 days as the phased rollout continues, embedding the new way into the operating model and ensuring all the links are in place.  This includes celebrating internal successes around the new improved customer experience and how team members are enjoying delivering it


Sustaining the new business-as-usual - this is the moment when you will make customers and your market fully aware of the new experience through formal communication…to support this, your internal business-as-usual practices should be firmly in place to sustain the new way and prevent it from ever slipping back!

What tools we use


Impact Innovation Toolbox

Large Scale Change - our tried and trusted model for large scale and system-wide successful change developed in culturally challenging and diverse operational environments


Learn-Activate-Apply - our approach designed to enable teams to activate shared learning in their operational reality and then put that learning into practice through on-the-job coaching within a supportive peer-to-peer environment


Assisted Digital Development (blended bite-sized learning) - our methodology for breaking down development into bite-sized and ‘at the shoulder’ development, that activates and builds the capability of people at a rate they can absorb, apply and develop from


Stakeholder Engagement Toolkit - our comprehensive set of tools to help identify, influence and engage with all stakeholders, using appropriate and flexible approaches to achieve your goals


Step visioning - our approach designed to help enrol, translate and localise the vision in a staged and controlled way to different teams across an organisation or system


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