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Rapid development of the new experience, building on what works already, in targeted areas or across the whole organisation.  This includes the development of specialised experiences that are uniquely designed to wrap around new products and services.  Creativity, innovation and service design are the fundamental bedrock of how we develop these experiences with you so we drive you forward quickly, confidently and always with purpose.

What we create with you


Impact essentials

The foundation stones of every strategy:

Customer proposition

- a compelling customer proposition that describes the ‘offer’ to customers.  This frames the positioning, value and also the benefits the proposition will generate for customers, staff and the overall organisation

The end-to-end customer experience - a carefully articulated end-to-end customer experience,  which describes the customer and organisational pathway, providing the necessary structure  to attribute components such as phasing, customer need state and emotion, channels, transitions and touchpoints, systems and metrics

Customer communication - setting out the unifying tone and personality that’s required to support the engagement of customers through all channels and touchpoints

Success and capability mapping - a map of the capability required to support the new experience and what success looks like in terms of outcomes and performance

The standard customer operating model - a unified customer operating model that brings everything together into one defined framework and which articulates the underpinning Standard Service Model


Impact Edge

Our unique cutting edge​ concepts tailored to you:

Peak and end touchpoint experiences - designing perfect experiences around every peak and end touchpoint to deliver personal and memorable moments which create lasting positive recall


Tiered experience - introducing new customer-focused processes within the experience, e.g. a recovery experience approach which identifies and supports customers who are likely to make an expression of dissatisfaction, avoiding escalation into a complaint

Behavioural modelling

- framing the behavioural model required to support the new experience, including important concepts such as customer confidence, emotional intelligence, dealing with difficult situations, solving and inspiring trust

Customer vulnerability

- a definition of customer vulnerability - whether permanent, temporary or created by intervention - how to spot it, support it and respond to it throughout the experience

Impact Now package - a package of ideas and fixes which symbolise the cultural change aimed for and demonstrate real impact early – often with a focus on marginal gains

How we do it


Impact Workbook


Framing and Reframing - defining the need and opportunity through an iterative process that generates deep understanding through different perspectives, data and insight and which positively draws in stakeholders, customer and team members.  This helps to define the right level of development, sets out the context for innovation and the scale of change required

Concept creation - translating the need, opportunity, stories and data gathered into concepts for different solutions and models.  This is a highly creative stage, taking in different forms of stimulus to push wider thinking

Prototyping - mocking up and through the use of scenarios testing chosen concepts and/or the whole new experience, with key people from the organisation and, where appropriate, with customers.  This allows challenges and gaps to be explored, and confidence to be grown in both the ‘what’ and the ‘how’

Building solution readiness - refining the final model, strengthening the essentials and consolidating the ‘for you’ Impact Edge into a tightly defined package.  This includes agreeing what will be removed from the current approach 

Implementation Planning -  this ongoing activity ensures the implementation plan grows with the new experience, and is conscious of and responds to the pressures in the existing delivery system so that the pace, purpose and transition happen effectively 

What tools we use


Impact Innovation Toolbox

Big box of Creativity and Innovation Tools - a challenge hardened set of tools and techniques that help diverse teams from all walks of life and all levels of the organisation, including externals and customers, to be exceptionally creative together


Phased Experience Design Methodology - our experience design methodology that supports our workbook approach and helps mature ideas into fully formed solutions, enabling people to drop in and out of the development process, injecting expertise in where it matters


Touchpoint Design Experience-ology - a structured approach to the identification, modelling and design of standout touchpoints and importantly, their experience of maximising customer satisfaction

Symbols and Signals of Change - a methodology for seeking out, framing and designing symbolic ideas that embody the desired change for leaders, employees and customers


Standard Service Framing Model -  a structure, method and set of templates that articulate and frame the standard service model, needed to support the experience and be embodied in the customer operating model


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