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Together we will build a strategy that is formed around a set of essentials with cutting edge concepts, like customer emotion, that tailor and personalise the strategy to you, and your customers. We will take a creative approach, combining high engagement with an iterative development philosophy.

What we create with you


Impact essentials

The foundation stones of every strategy:


The Big Why - a clear picture and understanding of the strategic imperative with a clear link to the overall company vision and direction

Customer experience vision and scale of ambition - an engaging and empowering vision and scale of ambition for the new customer experience strategy that responds to the strategic imperative

Customers and their needs - your customers, what characterises them, their wants and needs, illustrated with supporting data that highlights the potential for the new experience

Customer journey requirements - a set of future-facing requirements that articulate what the end to end customer journeys need to achieve, the required channels, their role that satisfies the customer and their needs.  This is also about formulating a tight set of ‘Always and Nevers’ to guide future thinking

The delivery system - the delivery route of the new experience, including the structures, processes and lead and lag measures that are important to support it

Impact Edge

Our unique cutting edge​ concepts tailored to you:


Rationale and brand - building an inspiring brand for the experience and  positioning narrative that creates an engaging rationale for the whole organisation to get behind

The customer reimagined – the customer formula e.g. customer emotion, customer lifecycle, customer need states, and breaking customer stereotypes  

Putting the edge in your touch points - formulating the peak end touch point experiences to deliver a higher and positive customer emotion

People experience and cultural environment - understanding the current people experience, culture and service improvement history, and creating an outline of the people experience and culture required to support a new experience

Impact Now - framing the Impact Now and marginal gains ideas and approach to bring short term benefits and stimulate symbolic engagement across the organisation

How we do it


Impact Workbook

Our blueprint for the perfect strategy creation:


Experience immersion - formulating a working insight into how the experience is delivered right now, day-in day-out – human, digital, customer self-delivered, key partners, from start to end, and building the picture of the current experience including channels and the points of friction or tripping points in that experience.  This takes in what you know about your customers, key metrics and performance data, and of course feedback

Develop the concept model - consolidating our understanding, whilst utilising our Impact Innovation Customer Experience Model, into a straw model strategy, with the right blend of Essentials and Impact Edge.  The straw model will also acknowledge and build from what’s brilliant today 

Iterate and test - engaging with customers, leaders, development teams, staff and stakeholders to explore and iterate the straw model into a fully defined model, strengthening the essentials and expanding the thinking that builds a ‘for you’ edge.  This includes co-creating a set of symbolic ideas to culturally counteract the things that have been holding you back

Impact assessment – working as a tight team to frame the business case, benefits and indicators for what the strategy will deliver for customers, staff, partners and the organisation as a whole

Launch formulation - applying creativity to how to launch the strategy, drawing on the use of key tools like step visioning and the Impact Arrow, to enable people to embrace the new direction

What tools we use


Impact Innovation Toolbox

A selection of our evolving tools and techniques to support strategy creation

Experiential insight - the Impact Innovation approach to gathering experiences from the front line through observation, and experiencing service delivery through the eyes of customers, leading to the development of storyboards and illustrations to bring insight to life

Impact Innovation CX Diagnostic Toolkit - aa structured and systematic approach that uses our Experience Arc TM methodology to understand the end-to-end current experience - inside and outside the organisation - linking together the channels and touchpoints, to pinpoint where high peak, friction or tripping points are present in the current experience

Impact innovation Thematic Analysis - an approach to consolidate existing research and data, packaging it into tight themes and insights

Step Visioning - developing powerful visions, which enable different levels of the organisation to translate and detail the vision towards them, their team, their roles and their customers

Insight and Experience Tracking, with Pulse Dynamics - a carefully designed approach to gather situational feedback from the front line – team members and customers – with a live and continual focus group


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